The Physics of God
A Survival Life-Vest for a Wild Hostile Universe
This book attempts to search the Universe for Absolute Rightness: so you can use this Knowledge to prevent the Extinction of everything you hold dear.

Our Goals:

1)  To show you how to use Science, and ensure the Survival of the Human Species.

2)  To prevent humans from ever using the name of God as a permission to kill other humans.

3)  To provide access to the Wisdom of Andrew J. Galambos.

4)  For the last four thousand years humans have searched for God and an afterlife: without this book's special Knowledge, almost all of humanity will only attain oblivion.

Explanation of Fees

Chapter one is free!

The Author's Access Fee gives you permission to read the Basic Science Volume.

The Transmission Fee, paid to your personal Knowledge-Provider, will give you access to the book's Restricted Knowledge; this Knowledge is only available after you have read the Basic Science Volume.

Effective Date:  2012 July 17
Access Fee            = $18.00
Transmission Fee  = $108.00
Contact Information
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(213) 304-2911
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P.O. Box 247
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